About Us

I’m Patrick Herman and I started MyPuck Goalie Rental in 2006 after having been a rental for around 4 years.  I saw the need to offer a better product and a more seamless and easy booking process for the teams that rent from us.  I decided to launch MyPuck USA and provide our neighbours to the South with the best experience in the rent a goalie industry.

How I Got Started

I got into goalie rental because I guess I kind of saw the “light”.  I’d played AAA growing up, moving into Tier 2 Junior and eventually making my way to the CIAU (now CIS) with the University of Waterloo Warriors.  When I started life with a real job in the “real world” I started playing men’s league hockey and it wasn’t long before teams were asking me to stay after my games in order to play with them.  A few years later MyPuck was born.

How We Stand Out

What really makes us stand out from the other services is we only accept around 1 in 10 goalies that wants to sign up with us.  We do this to ensure our goalies are the best in the industry.  These are goalies with experience in men’s league hockey and know the importance of great customer service on and off the ice.  We’re regularly thanked for being not only great goalies but great guys as well.

We have the largest active roster in the USA and all goalies are qualified before joining and are always being reviewed so that you only get the best rent a goalie to your skate.  We love playing and look forward to playing with your team.

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